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Page history last edited by Shelly S. Terrell 8 years ago

2012 Moderators


Shelly Sanchez Terrell


I am so happy to help you in your digital storytelling journey! We will have a lot of fun so get ready to tap into your imagination! I am a teacher trainer, author, and international speaker. I have trained teachers from over 100 countries online and face-to-face. When I am not training teachers, I am organizing conferences and reaching out to teachers as the VP of Educator Outreach for Parentella and the Social Media Community Manager for The Consultants-E. I have co-founded and organized the acclaimed educational projects, EdchatELTChatThe Reform Symposium E-Conference and the ELTON nominated Virtual Round Table conference. I have also taught young learners for nearly 20 years in the US and Germany. Visit my education blog, Teacher Reboot Camp, to find free resources and ebooks about the effective integration of technology with English language learners. In the Fall of 2012 you can find my book, The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators published by Eye on Education. Participate with over 7000 other educators worldwide in the online completion of these goals.


My Online Portfolio 

Twitter- @ShellTerrell

Facebook- ShellyTerrell

Free Weekly Webinars

 Michelle Worgan

I have been teaching English since 1999, when I graduated with a degree in French and Spanish Studies and decided I wanted to go to live in Spain.

Since then, I have worked in Madrid, Naples, Granada and Jerez, teaching learners of all ages and abilities. I am especially interested in teaching and creating materials for young learners, and I often write about my ideas on my blog. I am also interested in CLIL and I designed my own course for five to seven year olds which you can find on the website I set up for it (see links below). I try to incorporate technology into my teaching, although I don't have many facilities to help me do so! I am very happy to join this team of moderators for EVO 2012. I will be co-moderating with some fantastic professionals onDigital Storytelling for Young Learners and I hope we will be able to share our experience with many teachers looking to try out new things with their classes.


Email: michelleworgan@gmail.com

Twitter ID: @michelleworgan

Blog: http://inspireyourlearners.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.wix.com/michelleworgan/fivesixseven


Özge Karaoğlu



Hi everyone! This is Özge from Istanbul Turkey.  I am an English teacher of young learners,author and a teacher trainer in teaching young/very young learners + teaching with web based technologies. I am the author of "Minigon" readers series that aims at teaching English to EFL learners. I am also working for Mindactiva in the USA as the educational and the content coordinator of YES I SPeak English DVD series.

I have done many projects with my kids. I have led the projects where my kids have created the very first cartoon, very first digital games series and very first i-phone/i-pad application that are drawn, coloured, animated and dubbed by kindergarten children in the world.

I have been awarded withCreativity and Innovation Award” , “Microsoft Award for Outstanding TeachersandHighly Commended for the last past years. I have recently been awarded with theNew Writing Awardby ESU and Cambridge University Press and been invited to Buckingham Palace to get my award from the Duke of Edinburg Prince Philip.

You can find me blog here:http://ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org/

or here : http://www.techlearning.com/index

and tweet me here: http://twitter.com/ozge


David Dodgson

I'm David Dodgson, an EFL teacher at a private college in Ankara, Turkey. I've been working with young learners (aged 8-12) since 2002 and, over the last few years, I have started to explore effective use of technology in the classroom (albeit with limited resources at my disposal!) and give workshops at various conferences in Turkey and online. I am currently studying for a MA in EdTech and TESOL via the University of Manchester's Disatnce Learning programme and I am due to complete my studies in the summer of 2012.
I am proud to a part of the Digital Storytelling for Young Learners team, especially as several of my co-moderators have played an important role in the massive change that has come about for me professionally over the last 18 months through my PLN: the chance to guest blog on Barbara's Teaching Village really helped kick start my own blog; Özge was one of the first people to follow me on Twitter and helped me realise how it could be a great way to find and share resources; and Shelly has helped and encouraged me in so many ways, particularly with webinars and online conferences.

Email: davedodgson@hotmail.com
Twitter: @DaveDodgson
Skype: dave.dodgson500

Jennifer Verschoor

Hello everybody. I am Jennifer Verschoor an EFL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Currently I am working as the Coordinator of New Technologies for the Teaching of English at a Bilingual School.  As a proud WEBHEAD since 2005, I owe this vibrant community all I know about the integration of ICT in my daily teaching scenarios. I´ve been an online moderator in various TESOL Electronic Village Online sessions since 2007.
I also work as a teacher trainer and course coordinator at ESSARP, specialized in Technology Integration in the classroom. This year I started a Master´s degree in Virtual Environments and began writing my first e-book for young learners.
I have been awarded with the Scholarship to attend WorldCALL 2008 Using Technologies for Language Learning, 3 rd International Conference in Fukuoka, Japan. This year I´ve been awarded the BESIG scholarship to attend IATEFL 2012 in Glasgow and another scholarship at NILE in Norwich.

In my e-portofolio you will be able to observe my experience integrating several Web 2.0 tools the classroom or check my blog www.jenverschoor.wordpress.com

Skype: jenverschoor
Twitter: @jenverschoor
Second Life: Tamara Ashton


Esra Girgin


 Hello all! I am very excited to be part of this amazing team!                      
I have been teaching English to Young/Very Young Learners for 9 years. I am currently working at Terakki Foundation Schools in Istanbul, Turkey. I am oral examiner for British Council and ambassador of Voki.com I am a teacher trainer, international speaker and a blogger and interested in using technology in education. You may visit my blog: Esra's Englishous Blog    


Email: esragirgin@hotmail.com

Twitter ID: @ekamin


 Sabrina de Vita


I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been an English teacher for 6 years.  I’ve  studied at the teacher training college, Joaquin V Gonzalez. I’m currently working at Saint Exupery primary and secondary school, www.saintexupery.com.ar and at state-run primary schol for adults. I also deliver some EFL online classes. In addition, I teach online ICT courses to school teachers in Spanish, www.universitatis.com.              




Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

I came to Japan back in the 80s to "teach for a couple of years" and never quite made it back to the U.S. I never wanted to do anything but teach, but didn't start out thinking that I would teach EFL. These days, I teach mostly young learners and senior citizens. I enjoy using storytelling, both traditional and digital, with both groups of students.  I'm also a program director for the English for Teachers course for the International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi). 


I also write. I'm one of the co-authors of Let's Go (Oxford University Press), an EFL course book series for young learners, and am very excited to see our 4th edition released. I write a column about online resources for teaching children for "Teachers Learning with Children", the newsletter for the JALT Teaching Children Special Interest Group. I also write a column about technology tools (for non-techie teachers, like me) on ELTNews. Finally, as part of my homework for BaW2009, I started a blog called Teaching Village. In addition to maintaining their own fine blogs, several of my co-moderators (Ozge, Shelly, Esra,, David, Jennifer, and Michelle)  have been generous enough to grace the Village with guest posts. You can find them on my guest author page. Since I much prefer to read about other teachers than myself, I'm always looking for more guest authors! (hint! hint!).


email: barbsaka@gmail.com

skype: barbara.sakamoto (skype thinks I'm in Dallas)

twitter: @barbsaka

facebook: barbsaka





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