You Made it to the Last Week!

Your Moderators are Shelly Terrell & Marisa Constantinides



Weekly Outline


Week 5: Wrap-up 


During this week, participants will



Week 5 Tasks


Task 1, Days 1-2: Reflection 


a. On the Wiki under Wk 5 Reflections, please share with us the answers to the following:

b. Read and comment on other participants' reflections.



Task 2, Days 1-3: Pick a Sandbox Tool and Create a Story


Explore the various storytelling tools in our sandbox. Please use one of these tools to tell us a story about a person you admire. When you are finished playing with one of the tools, post a reflection of your experience in the http://digitalstorytelling4kids.pbworks.com/Wk5Reflection and upload your story to the Posterous group. Comment on other participants' stories. 


Step 1. Tag and add a Title to your Posterous post ((tag: Wk5, Hero Story))!

You can add a Title and tags to your hero/person you admire post by including these in the Subject Line of your email. Your Title should be Your Name's Hero story. To add tags through email, add tags in the subject of your email using the syntax ((tag: Wk5, HeroStory)). For more information on how this looks, please click here


Step 2. Be Creative

You have a lot of freedom on how you would like to present the activity so be imaginative and creative. We are looking forward to seeing your stories! 


Step 3. Connect by Commenting

Before the end of this week try to comment on at least 2 other posts. 



Task 3, Days 3-4: Evaluate the Session by Filling Out This Evaluation Form


Please let us know about your experience taking this course by filling out this evaluation form, http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q3V5FTP! We appreciate it!



Task 4, Day 6: Attend our Webinar


Please attend our webinar and End of Course Celebration to showcase your projects and celebrate your accomplishments! Sessions will be recorded, and the recordings shared in our archives, in case you can't attend. We will be using the Learning Times Elluminate Room. Your computer may take a few minutes to download the software and you will need to allow it to run. This is the webinar room link http://learningtimesevents.org/webheads/


If you've never attended a session in Elluminate, please do this tech check!





Sunday, February 17th at 15:05 GMT (17:00 Barcelona, 18:00 Istanbul/Cairo, 21:00 Bangkok/Jakarta, 12:00 Beijing, 01:00 Tokyo Monday, 03:00 Melbourne Monday) Click here for your time zone!



If you have never used Elluminate before, you will need to join and create an account and download a program before you can join the session (all free), so be sure to allow yourself enough time (or take care of the set up prior to Saturday). We'll have moderators on Skype to help.


Checklist of Week 5 Tasks 

I have.....




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Week 5 Summary